By working closely with you, your project team and the biggest names in the industry, we can create not only a flawless system, but a flawless home. One that does exactly what you want, when you want, no matter where you are in the world. 

Never Miss A Beat

Bring your home to life with an integrated multi-room audio system that lets you listen to all your music, radio and streaming services in every room in the house. Concentrate podcasts in the study, relax with bluegrass on the patio, or get the party started with all the favourites playing in multiple rooms at once, all in perfect sync. 

A Strong Vision

View and control your satellite service, your movies, your photos and your security feeds from any room in the house, all in glorious high definition, and coming soon, 4K Ultra High Definition quality.  Our solutions provide intuitive, simple control from anywhere in the home without add-ons to subscriptions or duplicating hardware. 

Safe & Sound

Keep an eye on your property at any time, from anywhere. From hazard detection like smoke, fire and carbon monoxide, to intruder alerts, smart security systems offer not only the power monitor, report and take deterrent measures, but offer an unparalleled degree of ease of use and simplicity 

Custom Installation

Our experts stand by to install the perfect, home wide control experience
From large scale home automation to a flawless installation of a newly acquired surround setup, we are here to accommodate your needs. We’ll help you with everything from initial consultancy to final implementation. Seamless convenience and intuitive, simple control 

Tailoring larger solutions to your home
Whether it’s creating a home cinema or a Multi-Room setup that lets your music and video follow you from room to room, we’re able to specifically tailor the right solution to your house or apartment or new project. Our experts will examine your home’s acoustics, layout and electronics to determine the best ways possible to enhance your home and lifestyle 

Trusted third party partners
We work with premium home automation experts. All are well known brand names such as Control4, Nest and Crestron. This provides both a guarantee of flawless performance and the possibility of future updating and expansion to cater to developing technologies.