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Brown Thomas’s 2022 Exclusive Deal with Brown Thomas: Redefining Luxury TV Installation Services

A New Era in TV Installation

2022 marked a significant development in home entertainment services in Ireland, as, a leader in professional installation services, entered into an exclusive partnership with Brown Thomas, a renowned luxury retailer. This collaboration aimed to combine the finesse of luxury retail with the precision of expert TV installation.

The Partnership: and Brown Thomas, with its extensive expertise in the installation of various electronic devices, aligned perfectly with Brown Thomas, a name synonymous with luxury and quality. This partnership was designed to offer a seamless, high-end TV installation experience to discerning customers.

The Importance of Professional TV Installation

With technological advancements, the proper installation of modern, sophisticated TVs has become crucial. Professional installation by guarantees:

  • Skill and Expertise: Ensuring TVs are securely mounted and optimally calibrated.
  • Safety Assurance: Minimizing risks associated with improper installation.
  • Convenience: Saving time and hassle for customers during the setup process.
  • Warranty Protection: Safeguarding manufacturer warranties through expert installation.

Exclusive Benefits of the Partnership

The and Brown Thomas deal in 2022 brought unique advantages:

  1. Luxury Experience: Matching the high-end TVs from Brown Thomas with’s meticulous installation services.
  2. Personalised Service: Tailoring installation to the specific needs and preferences of luxury-oriented customers.
  3. Comprehensive Support: Providing end-to-end service from purchase to post-installation assistance.

Customer Feedback

The partnership has been met with positive responses from customers, who appreciate the blend of luxury retail with professional installation services, highlighting the efficient, respectful handling of premium products.

Conclusion: A Step Forward in Luxury Home Entertainment

The 2022 collaboration between and Brown Thomas has set a new benchmark in TV installation services in Ireland. This partnership not only enhances customer satisfaction but also elevates the home entertainment experience by merging technical expertise with luxury retail excellence.